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Rapid transformational Therapy Practitioner

My Story

Ruby has a certification  in  Advanced Animal communication and Energy healing for animals .

She is now a Reiki Master, also  proficient in Bio Scalar Wave. She is also trained in EFT for animals and their human companions.


"Hi, I am Rusty.

I have four legs . And two wings that were given to me when I arrived in heaven.

Bow Lingual is a collaboration between my human, Ruby, my four-legged brother, Brad, and me.

Let me walk you through our story.

​Since Ruby was desperate to connect with me after I crossed over , I planted the idea of ‘Animal Communication’ in her mind. 

Firstly, I lead her to a discovery of Reiki to help her cope with the grief of loss of my physical body.This helped Ruby to understand the world of energies and the power it holds.

For a while my humans weren’t ready for another bossy fur-family member, until I persuaded them to meet my brother Brad.

Brad pretended that he needed help and that gave Ruby the final nudge she needed.

Ruby then joined  the Communication with All Life University and completed a full time program on  Advanced Animal Communication and Energy Healing for Animals , under the guidance of the world renowned Animal communicator Joan Ranquet.

The rigorous curriculum and the diversity of readings that she got the opportunity to do there, opened her eyes to the higher purpose of this work.

Since then, we have worked together to connect with many animals to open a channel between them and their humans . The plan is to expand this universe."

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