The birth story - My Life Temple

On the night of the New Moon and with the blessings of the first day of the Year of the Tiger, 2022, the birth of my life temple became a calling to bring together and nurture a community of individuals committed to their self-growth, wellness and happiness and to others.

On this first podcast episode, Donna PranaLakshmi and Danielle Daou share their journeys and the birth story of The My Life Temple Platform. They also have an open heart to heart casual conversation about their mission, vision and purpose.

In this episode, you get to know more about the unique online temple space that is meant to build a healthy community of like-minded individuals around the world to support, evolve, elevate and empower one another.

The My Life Temple channel is dedicated to help individuals catalyze their own transformation and engage in their evolution in a conscious way.

Two Transformational Coaches share interviews with experts, tools, processes, practices and wisdom to support you in designing your life in a fun, joy-filled and abundant way.

This is for the person who: is invested in their growth in an intentional way, takes responsibility for their emotional, mental, spiritual, physical and financial wellness, honours the value of wisdom and growth in community.

This is for the individual who wants to to feel whole, fit and powerful.

My Life Temple is a temple space for amazing individuals to come together to talk about relationships, healing, parenting, children, Feng Shui, fitness and all things that we need to feel phenomenal in life.

Listen to the podcast episode here.

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