Lorraine Perrons

Rapid Transformational Therapist specializing in Gambling Recovery

My Story

My name is Lorraine and I am the Mum of 2 wonderful Sons, now in their 30s and we live in the UK.  During the 90’s whilst they were growing up, I discovered that my husband (we are now divorced) had a gambling addiction. It had been going on for many years, mainly at the Casino during the daytime.  I had no inclination whatsoever, hence the reason it is often referred to as the ‘silent addiction’.


I learnt that the only way to cope with this devastation was to face it head on. I therefore started to read about it and the often-terrible consequences and eventually began to understand about gambling harm.  I have also personally experienced the fact that until recent years there has been very little support for families of the victims.  The impact on families and friends is deeply profound and difficult for others to comprehend.  I once read that it was the most devastating of all break ups.