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Thank you again Donna for these beautiful 30 minutes of meditation. I felt like something passed through my body from the top to the bottom and took out all unnecessary thoughts and struggles, resulting in a refreshing body with positivity! Amazing class! LOVE IT!

Maria T. - Netherlands

The difference in my body that I have felt already from the first month of working out with Panos is amazing. I started the online workouts with Panos when my baby was 8 months. At that point, I still had quite big belly due to the pregnancy. Now, after almost 4 months, my belly is back to normal and I have started feeling comfortable with my body. I feel my legs and arms stronger than before, and I don't have pain anymore by carrying my 9 kilos baby. Pranalakshmi philosophy woke my body up and made my mind follow my body. Keep up the good job!"

Konstantina - Athens, Greece

I feel my whole body leaner and stronger, especially after my two pregnancies. Besides, as a working mum, it is such a convenient way to workout at my own space, with my little kids around! No need to get stress for arranging babysitting for the kids while I exercise. But most importantly, the kids also feel free to exercise with me. This is wonderful!

Maria T. - Netherlands

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