Donna Poulidis

Course & Brand Development Management at My Life Temple

Meditation & Mindset Facilitator. Yogi, 
Rapid transformational Therapy Practitioner

My Story

Donna is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, LifeForce Yoga teacher, meditation facilitator and Rapid Transformational Therapist.  Her wholistic approach to coaching with private clients and groups, includes modalities that fuel and nourish the whole self: yoga, meditation, visualization, breath work and physical exercises. Her mission is to help women feel safe and whole in their bodies.

Donna is fascinated with techniques that enhance our mental abilities, allowing us to shift our mindset and paradigms to function from a clearer and more connected state. She is known for her "chocolatey" voice that soothes the soul, recording mantras and meditations to bring you peace and connect you to your authentic self. Donna lives in Greece with her son and coaches clients in person and online.