Danielle Daou
The High Healer

 Business & Brand Development Management at My Life Temple

Health, Nutrition, Relationship Coach
Rapid transformational Therapy Practitioner

My Story

Danielle Daou is a speaker, writer and Relationship, Lifestyle & Nutrition Coach and Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®) Practitioner, who works with men and women through tailored programs that help them achieve sustainable healthy eating, an empowered self-relationship, boost their immune system, reach their ideal body weight naturally and sustain a healthy body, mind and spirit for life.

Through the powerful technique of Command Cell Therapy®, she purposely helps individuals of all ages, heal their bodies from chronic illnesses, emotional blockages or traumas that have persisted for many years.

The quest in wellness led her to become a Relationship, Lifestyle and Nutrition Health Coach, certified from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition©, and a RTT® Practitioner from Marisa Peer, with a mission to empower individuals in taking their own body and mind health into their own hands, and achieve their life goals.

Group Programs with Danielle

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