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Full moon in Sagittarius 14/6


The concept of freedom is demystified. The illusions are trying to gain ground, at the expense of the spiritual awakening and the claim of our independence!


Demonstration of power in the most underground way, with the ultimate goal of creating fear and conscious self-imprisonment.


Courage and fearlessness are our weapons to break the shackles and open our wings.


Freedom is within us and it is worth fighting for it.


Knowledge is power and courage, freedom. 

A view of Eros will be in Aries from 3/5-28/5


This is a moment when emotional relationships acquire a more extroverted character and the chase begins! Aphrodite in Aries gets bored quickly and wants to constantly chase the elusive. Here is the big challenge: resistance to challenges, domestication of the "I" and the awareness of the illusion of love!

An internal testing wants to activate our parenting patterns and childish recordings, in relation to faith and devotion to an idea or a person, even if external challenges seem better and more suited to our "want" or even when the relationship has temporarily stalled.

Circles in a relationship mean loss of interest or demystification of the partner, and there we have to prove that we really love the person we have chosen to be next to us. As playful and fun as Aphrodite in Aries may seem, she hides traps that if we do not realize in time. We risk losing our balance and the new cycle of spiritual evolution begins.

APRIL 28 - May 2

The wonderful Aphrodite-Cronus-Poseidon companion, reminds us of who our heart beats for.  It creates the mood to love and be loved in a more essential, spiritual and idealized way, but first to love ourselves and to respect our divine status! Relationships that have been lost in the routine, get bogged down more, while true loves, get even stronger.

The most favoured, Cancers, Pisces, Scorpios, especially of the third stage, will experience emotions (that if they are not satisfied) will help them open their wings very quickly to find their dream! Concerns about their relationship lead them to turn their attention to what fills their soul. If they feel lonely, it's time for a change. In an existing strong relationship, they become stronger and dream without end. 

Aries-Leo-Sagittarius, feel confused, since everyday life does not allow them to see the truth and love that is already next to them. Misled into their own world, they feel frustrated when they realize how much they have lost or how much they have and can not find a way to enjoy it. Beware of these traps.


 Taurus-Virgo-Capricorn pursue new goals to achieve and seek the truth in their personal relationships, while at the same time wonder if they finally made the right decisions.  Healing and evolution bring solutions! 

Gemini-Libra-Aquarius are in front of a crossroads that concerns business. They are looking for the right direction. Maybe they feel confused, misled, even wronged by situations that eventually led them to a seeming impasse. Yet everything will be clear if they turn their gaze in the right direction!

Thank you to Vasiliki Naida for our astrological projections. Stay tuned weekly for updates! 

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