Alyssa Cohen

Creator of The Life Transformation Intensive,
Healing, Meditation, Somatic Work & Former Homeopath

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My Story

Alyssa Cohen has been healing herself and others for over 25 years through a combination of homeopathy, somatic healing, and meditation.


When speaking about her clients who overcame anxiety, depression, migraines, endocrine disorders, neurological disorders, trauma, and many other health challenges, Alyssa says that “so much of the change that’s needed to profoundly heal happens within our inner world; in our minds, and in our way of being.”


Alyssa created a program called, The Life Transformation Intensive, to teach people how to heal. Her passion for leading others comes from her own ten-year struggle with chronic pain and her transformation from being in a wheelchair to hiking in Nepal. Alyssa teaches people suffering from chronic struggles, pain, and trauma, a body-based method of healing from within.


Meditation as Medicine




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